take it with you …and have beautiful day

"Far, far away a train whistle blows Wherever you're goin', wherever you've been Waving goodbye at the end of the day You're up and you're over, and you're far away Always for you, and forever yours It felt just like the old days We fell asleep on Beaula's porch I'm gonna take it with me when I go All broken down by the side of the road I's never more alive or alone I've worn the faces off all the cards I'm gonna take it with me when I go The children are playing at the end of the day Strangers are singing on our lawn It's got to be more than flesh and bone All that you've loved is all you own In a land there's a town, and in that town there's a house And in that house there's a woman And in that woman there's a heart I love I'm gonna take it with me when I go..."

Grey Sky, Black Coffee with Jessie Ware – long time not heard

"You and I, blurred lines We come together every time Two wrongs, no rights We lose ourselves at night From the outside, from the outside Everyone must be wondering why we try Why do we try? Baby in our wildest moments We could be the greatest, we could be the greatest Maybe in our wildest moments We could be the worst of all..."


" feel unhappy, I feel so sad I have lost the best friend that I ever had She was my woman, I loved her so But it's too late now, I've let her go I'm going through changes I'm going through changes In my life, oh baby, oh no We shared the years, we shared each day In love together, we found a way But soon the world had its evil way My heart was blinded, love went astray I'm going through changes...."

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