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September 2018

Clean up Day, 15th of September, 2018, let’s do it together :) !



“In 2018 – World Cleanup Day on September 15th

Much of 2018 will be devoted to preparations and execution of the World Cleanup Day. But we will also be very focused on awareness and debate about sustainable waste solutions worldwide. After all, as much fun as the World Cleanup Day will be… we only want to do it once!

We already have staff working around the clock in preparation. But whether we truly succeed in cleaning up the entire world in one day really hinges on one thing… you.

If you’re interested in being a part of a historic, challenging, rewarding, and fun event, don’t wait. We need you now! Check out all the ways you can get involved and be inspired.”

Eco holidays in Iceland, really? At the moment it is a place of killing whales!


And a document about Iceland and Whales relation:

“ABOUT THE FILM Despite the existence of an international moratorium on all commercial whaling operations, Iceland has allowed its whalers to kill 154 fin and 229 minke whales each year. Paradoxically, while Iceland’s growing whale watching industry brings tens of thousands of tourists to Iceland each year, Iceland’s whalers continue to decimate the same whale populations. Motivated by an abhorrence for the unconscionable slaughter of some of nature’s most majestic animals, the activists of Hard To Port embark on a journey to Iceland with the aim of launching the first phase of their ‘Whaler Watching’ campaign and of disrupting the whaling season. ‘184’ portrays the actions and findings of Hard To Port’s two week journey to Iceland in the summer of 2015. ABOUT THE DIRECTOR Marc Pierschel is a sociologist, filmmaker and author from Muenster, Germany. He is the director of ‘EDGE’ (2009), ‘Live and let live’ (2013), ‘184’ (2016) and the forthcoming documentary ‘The End of Meat’. Find out more about his films on ”


Problem without borders

Plastic pollution is an international and global problem. It is far away and just under your feet. Look around, when you are on the way to your car, when you go for a bus, for shopping, when you walk with your kids and friends, everywhere you are, you are surrounded by garbage. Do you pick litter up on the streets, in the parks, along water front?


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Bez słomki! Całym sercem z projektem!

Bądzmy odpowiedzialni, każdy nasz wybór niesie ze sobą konsekwencje! Mamy na sumieniu wiele zwierząt oraz całe wymierające ekosystemy! Słomki to czubek góry lodowej :(.

Picie przez słomkę plastikową to obciach w dzisiejszych czasach!


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