Fridays for Future in Konstanz

FridaysforFuture 1.JPG
Big respect for Kids, Parents and Scientists!  They make World beautiful again 🙂 !

FridaysforFuture 2FridaysforFuture 3FridaysforFuture 4

FridaysforFuture 5


FridaysforFuture 10.JPGFridaysforFuture 6FridaysforFuture 7

FridaysforFuture 8.JPG

FridaysforFuture 9.JPG


FridaysforFuture 11.JPG

FridaysforFuture 12.JPG

FridaysforFuture 13.JPG

FridaysforFuture 16.JPG
Bad weather didn’t scare anybody 🙂

FridaysforFuture 17.JPG

FridaysforFuture 18.JPG
Between 1500 and 2000 participants went through the streets of Konstanz today 🙂 . Bravo!

FridaysforFuture 15

FridaysforFuture 14.JPG

FridaysforFuture 19.JPG

FridaysforFuture 20FridaysforFuture 21FridaysforFuture 22

FridaysforFuture 23

FridaysforFuture 24
Parents and Kids together 🙂

FridaysforFuture 25




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