“Nature Insight”, great podcast which remind us how we are connected with nature and other people

Making the Invisible Visible: Nature and the Economy Nature Insight: Speed Dating with the Future

Nature, through Earth systems, provides almost all the vital infrastructure that we need to live, work and thrive. Even business health depends on a healthy planet. In this episode, Rob talks to Professor Steve Polasky and Delphine Gluzman to better understand the links between nature and the economy, as well as how we can align our economic activity with nature. Steve is Professor of Ecological/Environmental Economics at the University of Minnesota, and has studied the links between nature and the economy for the past 30 years. Delphine is in charge of the environment section at the BNP Paribas Foundation, which currently aims to mobilize six million Euro in financing for the protection of biodiversity and climate change. To find out more about IPBES, head to http://www.ipbes.net or follow us on social media @IPBES.
  1. Making the Invisible Visible: Nature and the Economy
  2. “Apples, Oranges and Dinosaurs”: The Values of Nature
  3. Rethinking Law #ForNature: “A Whole Lot of Potential”
  4. Your Challenge…and Mine: The Sustainable Use of Wild Species
  5. How the ‘Sausage’ Gets Made: Inside an IPBES Assessment