“Nature Insight”, great podcast which remind us how we are connected with nature and other people

Brigitte Baptiste: Show Me the Value(s)! Nature Insight: Speed Dating with the Future

Values drive behaviour and are at the heart of all decisions. So how do we value nature? Is it economic or aesthetic or cultural? IPBES recently launched a major expert assessment on values to answer all of these questions and more. This week, Brit talks to Brigitte Baptiste, one of the co-chairs of the values assessment. They explore the different ways of valuing biodiversity and nature's contributions to people.   To find out more about IPBES, head to http://www.ipbes.net or follow us on social media @IPBES.
  1. Brigitte Baptiste: Show Me the Value(s)!
  2. Samata, Marie-Claire Daveu: Bending the Curve with Business
  3. Dr. David Obura: The New Natural
  4. Prof. Kai Chan: Choose Your Own Adventure
  5. Billy Offland, Dr. Anne Poelina: Wake up the Snake