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“What is it like to survive a shark attack? Is it true that some governments use tax dollars money to exterminate sharks? Where and when do shark bites most often occur? How can we protect ourselves while surfing in the home of these apex predators? Provocative and raw, Shark Stories shares the reality of the ones who can’t speak for themselves. 

Join Madison Stewart, award-winning shark conservationist and passionate filmmaker as she explores sharks related topics with world-renowned scientists, fellow shark conservationists and ocean advocates. Learn more about sharks, how to better co-exist with them and how you can impact the ending of their story.” – description from Castbox.

Surfing Guide To Sharks Shark Stories

A re-examination of the way we approach the shark attacks through the arming of surfers with essential shark knowledge. This podcast is a reading of the surfing guide to sharks written by myself with the help of oceanographers, scientists, surfers, and paramedics. This podcast will give you some information about sharks that may influence when, where, and how you enter the water to surf. The information in this podcast is essential for every ocean goer to know, yet our government and even surf life-saving groups fail to teach it. The fact that we share the ocean with dangerous apex predators on daily basis will finally be addressed in a way aimed to help you make informed decisions. This is a must-listen for surfers and shark enthusiasts. How do the sky, the rain, and the time of day affect the hunting habits of sharks? Why is a Great White colored the way it is and how does making their bodies warm makes them smarter? Where in a surf break do most attacks happen and how? The guide is here to not only address important questions but also to address the reality of sharks and the danger that sharing the water with them brings with it. Our biggest and best defense against shark attacks, in my opinion, is changing the way our society views them and understanding that what we need to defend ourselves comes in the form of knowledge.Surfing Guide Chapters:00:00 Intro03:30 – Surfing Guide Introduction06:22 – Environmental Factors07:41 – Bait Balls09:24 – Rainfall and River Mouths11:17 – Drop Offs and Deep Water12:25 – Water Temperature 15:06 – Whale Carcasses and Animal Remains 16:33 – Time of Day18:30 – Moon Phases20:10 – Why Do Sharks Attack Humans? 28:05 – Potential Steps To Avoid A Shark Attack29:49 – What to do if an interaction occurs31:15 – First Aid33:06 – Are shark nets or shark culls the answer?37:38 – Sharks and Blood39:36 – Sharks And You44:17 – Shark Deterrent Techniques47:35 – Conclusion Download the Surfing Guide To SharksTerra Australis Shark Attack Rescue VideoFollow Madison Support Project Hiu & Save SharksSupport the show (
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