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“What is it like to survive a shark attack? Is it true that some governments use tax dollars money to exterminate sharks? Where and when do shark bites most often occur? How can we protect ourselves while surfing in the home of these apex predators? Provocative and raw, Shark Stories shares the reality of the ones who can’t speak for themselves. 

Join Madison Stewart, award-winning shark conservationist and passionate filmmaker as she explores sharks related topics with world-renowned scientists, fellow shark conservationists and ocean advocates. Learn more about sharks, how to better co-exist with them and how you can impact the ending of their story.” – description from Castbox.

The Humane Society Speaks Sharks Shark Stories

Lawrence is in charge of all things shark-related at the humane society of Australia. With his brilliant answers and explanations, he prepares us for any argument you could imagine getting into on behalf of sharks.Imagine heading up a court case against the Australian government on behalf of sharks and winning.  Well, Lawrence did. He comes up against every imaginable advisory and knows exactly what to say and how to say it. This episode is my personal favorite as it contains those little sound bites of information that just click. What can the average person do to help sharks? What’s the most shocking thing happening to sharks right now?  Have populations boomed?  All these and more are answered in this episode and it could act as a guide for all those wondering how to best use their skills to help sharks. Perhaps the most important question being asked is how does one survive in a position like his? Let's find out how Lawrence takes on governments and wins.Get involved with Shark ChampionsGet in touch! I’d love to hear you’re feedback on the podcast or any topics ideas you might have for future episodes. Send me a message! 👇Madison’s InstagramSupport Project HiuSay hello: sharkstoriespodcast@gmail.comSupport the show (
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