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June holidays in Sardinia and plastic pollution

“The strongest governments on earth cannot clean up pollution by themselves. They must rely on each ordinary person, like you and me, on our choices, and on our will.”

— Chai Jing, journalist & environmental activist


Sardynia i smiecie 1.JPG
Costa Smeralda, Spiaggia del Romazzino

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The truth about dolphinariums

Shark slaughter for soup, is it really worth it? Be aware.


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Perfect evening walk in Tokyo

Amazing Japan. Wedding ceremony in Meiji Shrine.

First pictures from holidays in Japan, where old meets new.

Lost Paradise, Sri Lanka

smiecie 1
Pictures were taken during family holidays. We spent 3 weeks (September, 2017) on this island, we saw many beautiful things but not only 😕.
smiecie 2.JPG
part of Dutch Canal System in Negombo

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Something good for bees :)

coś dla pszczół.JPG

Finally we have real spring in Konstanz 🙂 . To celebrate it, I went with my family to Mainau and we spent almost whole day on this magnificent island.

Today I post special pictures from there. Pictures of hotels for wild bees and other pollinating insects. Solutions from Mainau inspired my family. We are going to prepare some more hotels 🙂 . I hope you will be inspired too. Continue reading “Something good for bees :)”

Damüls, Vorarlberg, Austria

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