We have many reasons to buy organic

"Intensive agriculture and heavy pesticide use are a major cause of plummeting insect populations, according to the first global review, revealed by the Guardian on Monday. The vanishing of insects threatens a “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems”, the review concluded, because of their fundamental importance in the food chain, pollination and soil health."

O pszczołach i miodzie słów kilka

    Pszczoły obserwowałam od dziecka, nigdy specjalnie się ich nie bałam, zawsze darzyłam szacunkiem,  ale dopiero 14 lat temu, zdałam sobie sprawę ile im zawdzięczam. Pszczoły to miód, wosk, pyłek, propolis, pierzga oraz równowaga ekosystemu, którego, my ludzie, jesteśmy częścią. W Polsce mamy około 450 gatunków dzikich pszczół, do tego trzeba dodać 29 gatunków... Continue Reading →

Chef’s Table (Season 3) – Love it!

Only people with passion, who understand nature, nature rhythm, for who basic ingredients have the highest value, who can recognize the real tastes can go as far.

So, if you have a little spare time, look for this documentary or for some others produced by Netflix about food. Learn again how it is important for all of us to go back to basics, to cook together, to respect food, to be a part of nature world again.

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