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Earth Day Everyday

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On pictures, litter pick in front of my home,  Constance, Germany

Earth Day 2018: End Plastic Pollution
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For Our Blue Planet, take an action

p05jvd4m How can we help?

“Reduce your energy consumption – some simple tips

  1. Turn off lights, TVs, computers, when not in use
  2. Turn down the heating when it’s cold. Blankets and socks are good for you and better for the planet
  3. Burn renewable fuel (wood not coal)
  4. Walk or ride your bike and carpool if travelling greater distances
  5. Slow down when you are driving and keep tyres inflated to the right pressure. Turn off your engine if stopped for long periods
  6. Eat less meat, especially red meat. Cattle produce large amounts of methane (Phew!)
  7. Buy local and try growing your own food
  8. Use a washing line rather than a tumble dryer
  9. Insulate your home
  10. Choose renewable energy and/or get some solar panels
  11. Plant greenery on roofs, driveways, patios and windowsills
  12. Take a ‘staycation’ and avoid short-haul weekend city-breaks abroad
  13. Carbon offset your flights whether for business or for pleasure
  14. Recycle. Reusing rather than manufacturing from new materials saves energy”

Czosnek niedźwiedzi w sosie śmietanowym, pomysł na wiosenną kolację

czosnek niedzwiedzi ze spaghetti2

Sezonowo i zielono, czyli czosnek niedźwiedzi na talerzu. Jeszcze 10 lat temu mało znana roślina w mojej kuchni. Od pewnego czasu regularnie pojawia się w wiosennym menu. Poza walorami smakowymi ceniona również za swoje właściwości prozdrowotne. U mnie w domu to symbol wiosny i nowego sezonu na lokalne warzywa oraz owoce 🙂 .

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Are we being consumed by plastic?: Dianna Cohen at TEDxThessaloniki

“Dianna Cohen, a visual artist from California, has been working with plastic bags for more than twenty years. An ocean and sea sports enthusiast, she has begun a never-ending effort to relieve the ocean of the burden that is called plastic pollution. “The ocean is becoming a plastic soup” she said to us and she talked about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and how approximately 150 billion plastic bags are used annually in the United States alone. She focused on how fish tend to consume the plastic elements that pollute the oceans and that plastic everyday items such as baby bottles can release toxins that are dangerous to us even in very low percentages. This summer she works in Kefallonia in a project to alleviate plastic pollution of the island and like its permanent residents she urges us to use and promote the use of non-plastic reusable items. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)”

Why Plastic Pollution is Personal | Natalie Fee | TEDxBristol

Say no to plastic

Do you pick up plastic garbage from your street, yard, when you walk in the park, forest or when you are on holidays?

I do pick up plastic and cigarette butts very often, it’s my contribution to help earth to stay healthy and beautiful. I’m ashamed and I feel sad, when I see what we, as a humans do to nature. I try to make a difference. Come and join me, pick up some plastic from the ground as well 🙂 . Together we can do more.

ObersdorfBavaria Garbage.JPG
From Oberstdorf, Allgäu, Bavaria, South of Germany. Beautiful ski resort in Alps is polluted as well.  On paths and around them plastic garbage is very present 😦 .


Above all we must realize that each of us makes a difference with our life. Each of us impacts the world around us every single day. We have a choice to use the gift of our life to make the world a better place – or not to bother.”

Jane Goodall

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Something good for bees :)

coś dla pszczół.JPG

Finally we have real spring in Konstanz 🙂 . To celebrate it, I went with my family to Mainau and we spent almost whole day on this magnificent island.

Today I post special pictures from there. Pictures of hotels for wild bees and other pollinating insects. Solutions from Mainau inspired my family. We are going to prepare some more hotels 🙂 . I hope you will be inspired too. Continue reading “Something good for bees :)”

Damüls, Vorarlberg, Austria

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