June holidays in Sardinia

“The strongest governments on earth can not clean up pollution by themselves. They must rely on each ordinary person, like you and me, on our choices, and on our will.” — Chai Jing, journalist & environmental activist

Why Plastic Pollution is Personal? Natalie Fee

"How does one person tackle a global, and at times overwhelming problem? And why are we flushing plastic down the toilet? In this funny, playful and moving talk, award-winning environmental campaigner Natalie Fee reveals how you can disrupt big industry from your back room … and how you can change the world, one flush at a time....." TED Talks

A perfect day at Primavera Life

Last Sunday I spent with family at Primavera Life headquarter, Allgäu, Bavaria. It was our fourth visit in this magical place.  Like last year, reason why we went there in December was Advent shopping event, which means, all weekend open shop, plus extra activities for children, cakes, coffee.  This year program was not as rich... Continue Reading →

Geschwister der Bäume. Ein Häuptling ruft zur Besinnung

"Die Bäume des Regenwaldes wachen wie grosse Brüder über Mundiya Kepanga, den Anführer des papua-neuguineischen Volksstammes der Huli. Als Waldbotschafter reist er um die ganze Welt, um über den Zustand des Regenwaldes und die dramatischen Folgen seiner Zerstörung aufzuklären. Poetisch, humorvoll und philosophisch erzählt er vom Wald und erinnert daran, dass das Schicksal der Menschen von dem der Bäume abhängt. Der Dokumentarfilm (F 2017) begleitet Mundiya Kepanga"

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