Pick of the Day: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – Shattered Ground

“My moon in the night sky with pale eyes
And pale skin and long hair covering her naked body
And sometimes she’s laughing and sometimes she’s crying
And sometimes the moon is talking to nobody
And there’s a madness in her and a madness in me
And together it forms a kind of sanity
Oh baby, don’t leave me
We drove through the hills with the moon in our eyes
We bought a house in the country where we could lose our minds
The moon is a girl with tеars in her eyes
Who is throwing hеr bags in the back of the car
I’m not even remotely surprised…..”

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Odkrywanie Świata na nowo z Joanną Jurgą

Dotyk, słuch, węch, smak oraz wzrok – zmysły dzięki którym świadomie, a i również często nieświadomie kontaktujemy się ze światem. Każdy z nich działa inaczej i dostarcza innych informacji. Zrównoważone działanie wszystkich tych zmysłów i nasze uszanowanie ich buduje w nas prawdziwe oraz głebokie poczucie bezpieczeństwa, a w konsekwencji także szczęścia.

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Pick of the Day, One of the most important Zen sayings for me, accompanied by a beautiful music – gratitude.

我逢人 (Gahojin):“The influence of those that come into your life”

This is the idea of everything starting from meeting people that come into your life.

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Pick of the Day – Relaxing Music – Rain and Native American Flutes

When I work, when I read, when I study, I come back to this music very often. It is relaxing and helps me to focus.

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ZEN -Japanese Spirituality

“Within the traditions of the East and Japan, Zen has been attracting attention from around the world, and, on our program, a Zen monk will be speaking to you about the world of Zen. Meditation cleans the mind and body. Won’t you try experiencing Japanese spirituality?”

Tokyo FM

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